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  • I have unearthed an old interview of me and Gary Barlow...

    11:09pm on 9 Apr 2014

    So, then last night, I was given the night off by my lovely, gorgeous, handsome boss (Wasn't too over the top there was I?!) to go and see Gary Barlow.  I have been a fan of Mr Barlow since the very early Take That days, when they did a gig at my school when i was 15....yes really.

    He was AMAZING. He did all the old stuff, a bit of the new, he laughed with the crowd, he sang beautifully and really showed why he is one the UK's best singer songwriters.. (and ridiculously hot as well!)

    So, to celebrate the Barlow, I thought I would share this video with you.  Things you need to remember, it was SEVEN years ago, just when Take That have reunited, and Mr B had his autobiography out. Secondly, I was a massive geeky fan - don't laugh,,!!

    Chat later on Late Night Love, mwah! Donna xx ps, please dont laugh...well, not too much! 


  • I love my boss...yes really.

    10:59pm on 3 Apr 2014

    Oh dear - it's been one of THOSE days! Every now and then, we have a big Late Night Love meeting where I get together with the boos, eat cake and chat about the show.  Today was one of those days.

    Before I tell you the rest, let me take you back to Christmas Day,  My hubby lovingly gave me 2 tickets to go and see my 4th favourite man in the world, Mr Gary Barlow.  (My other fave men by the way, are my hubby, my dad, my son and now my boss...seriously)

    The gig is on Tuesday and after everyhing that has been going on with chickenpoxgate etc, I  had COMPLETELY forgotten to book the night off from Late Night Love.  Now, as I am sure you have this in YOUR work, if you don't get your holiday form in on time...you ain't getting time off!

    Well, the other night on Late Night Love, I told YOU about my predicament on the radio and who should be listening....MY BOSS!  So when he called me in this morning and mentioned Lord Barlow's name, I was a bit confused as to how he knew about my missed gig!

    Anyway, he told me to take the night off and scream along with 15,000 other people at my 4th favourite man in the world!  WHOOP!  


    Mr Chris Best is looking after you on Tuesday while I go and sing along to my heart's content! (I may not be able to speak properly on Wednesday night tho...you have been warned!)

    I will report back next week!  Speak soon Donna xxx

    ps - have i told you i LOVE my boss?! 


  • Did you get April Fooled?!

    12:36am on 2 Apr 2014

    So then, did you get fooled?! To be honest, by the time I woke up, most of the jokes were over!  I did read something about a train station which would be in the air and the trains would go vertically up, to ensure there was still plenty of space in city centres!  I thought 'Wow, this looks great' and then my sensible head kicked in and I realised...NO! 

    One of my friends told me she was going into labour after going down a slide in a playground (April fool), another mate told everyone she was pregnant (April fool) and someone else told everyone she was eloping to get married to someone she had just met...(NOT an April fool apparently!)

    Ah well, thank goodness it's over for another year....

    Catch you tonight from 10 for Late Night Love xx

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