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  • Oh dear. Think someone might be in trouble for this...

    11:31pm on 14 Aug 2014

    Oh dear, I think someone might be in trouble!  Now, I have a confession to make.  I have NEVER seen an episode of Downton Abbey. Never. I think I might be the only person in the UK who hasn't sat down to watch this.

    Apparently there is a new series starting soon. It is set in 1926. So, why is there a plastic water bottle on the fireplace in this promotional picture?!!!


    Oh oh!!

    Donna xx

  • Wedding dilemma....HELP!

    11:16pm on 28 Jul 2014

    Ok, so here is the problem, We have been invited to a wedding very soon - I am very excited!  The couple have decided they don't want gifts...they want cold hard cash, and I am struggling with this, as I don't know how much to give!

    They say they want money as they are saving up for a house so they don't want the usual household items yet.  Ok, I get it.  But I am worried they will use my cash to pay for their gas bill or their mobile bill, rather than it being used for something really important!

    And also, how much do you give?!!  With gifts, you can't always tell. You might buy a £75 pound vase for £15 in the sale. But with cash, there is no way of getting away from it if you are being a bit tight. 

    I am really stuck on this one - any help would be lovely thanks!!!

    Time to chill out on Late Night Love now, I think I need it!

    Donna x

  • Too good to be true?!

    11:33pm on 10 Jul 2014


    Apparently scientists have come up with a new protein that mimics fat and sugar but comes without all the calories and tastes the same?! Surely this is too good to be true!  Bad news is it will take up to 2 years for them to hit the shops...big boo!  Back to the lettuce and cucumber for the time being then!  Donna xx

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