Anyone for Brussels Sprout Crisps?

It's a Christmas dinner staple but now Walkers has turned the controversial Brussels sprout into a flavour of crisps.

Walkers new festive range also includes turkey and stuffing, pigs in blankets, glazed ham and cheese and cranberry.

The flavour is set to divide crisp fans, so Walkers plans to set it as a single bag and in a multi-pack alongside turkey & stuffing and pigs in blankets.

For those who hate the flavour it's also selling another multi-pack with bags of glazed ham, turkey & stuffing and cheese & cranberry flavours.

Multi-pack of six bags costs £1.50, while a single bag - only available in the Brussels sprouts, turkey & stuffing and pigs in blankets - costs 60p.

The new flavours are now on sale.

Walkers currently produces 7,000 crisp packets a minute - or 11 million crisp packets per day. The firm accounts for for 56 per cent of British crisp sales.

Every year supermarkets and manufactures try to beat each other with their outlandish flavours in the fight for customers during the festive season.

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