A night on Wolverhampton's streets: Dicky Dodd's experience


Homeless 3 (small)

In order to truly find out about the daily struggles people face on the streets, Signal107 Breakfast's Dicky Dodd took to the streets as part of our 'Help the Homeless' campaign.

He went out for a night from 10pm-6am with local organisation P3, who help those without accommodation find a place and get their lives back on track.  They aim to work with a person to address the underlying issues as to why they are in that situation and devise a plan to move them forward.

When someone comes to the service seeking help and refuge, P3 will do all it can to get that person off the streets and into some form of shelter like a hostel as soon as possible.  They will then work with the client on their next move, and, if all goes to plan, permanent accommodation.

Jim works for P3 and took Dicky out to show him the kind of conditions those struggling face to make the experience as authentic as possible.

Sandeep is someone who has benefitted from the services P3 offer. He used to be homeless before seeking help. Throughout the night, he took Dicky to some of the places he used to sleep at night, as well as sharing a bit about his ordeal

During the night, Dicky Dodd came across a number of people all battling with their own struggles- including some Romanian men. They explained a bit about why they’re currently sleeping rough, as well as where they go for food and shelter

If you missed Day 3 of our News Special, or just want to hear how Dicky got on when he slept rough for the night, you can do so below:

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