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Signal 107's running a campaign to raise awareness of homelessness in Wolverhampton this month and this week we'll be exploring it in more depth.

Many of us in the city will have been lucky enough to have a Christmas filled with gifts, good food and good company but there are still a number of people who won't have had that luxury and so, as the festivities wind down, we're asking for help.

Richie is one of those people who's experienced first hand the troubles of sleeping rough. We caught up with him at The Little Brother's Of The Good Shepherd: "I was working for 10 years and it's only through losing my parents after two years that everything fell apart for me. I did think it was going to be simple, I thought I could handle being on the streets if I'm honest.

"I came to Wolverhampton, from West Brom, not knowing they'd got services here. At first I didn't want to stay here I wanted to carry on and try to find somewhere I thought would be ok but I did because I knew about the services like The Little Brothers. I thought at least my food is taken care of and I managed to find somewhere I felt comfortable.

"My mind had gone, slowly I felt like I was getting depressed and it seemed like it was never going to end."

Housing charity Shelter claim that in January 2014, more than 90 households in Wolverhampton were classed as homeless - that's around 10% more on the 12 months previous.

Authorities in our city tend to be the first port of call for many people in trouble. Inspector Sarah Thomas West told us: "Their life has, I suppose, hit rock bottom. They've got no money, they've for whatever reason lost their accomodation and their family are unsupportive."

The Little Brothers Of The Good Shepherd are one of the smaller groups that help support homeless people in Wolverhampton. Brother Stephen says: "We do find, in our programme, people who are on a very low ebb indeed. We take the situation very seriously and we always try to ensure that if a person comes who's in a very bad situation that we have got them the help and support they need."

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