Wolverhampton Homelessness: What can we do?

Homeless 5 (small)

Reflecting upon our 'Help the Homeless' news specials this week, our final piece looks at what else can be done to continue to reduce the amount of 'rough sleepers' there are on the streets of Wolverhampton.

During our campaign we've spoken to a range of charities and services who all pride themselves in helping those in need.  They range from the Soup Kitchen, St George's HUB and The Haven to West Midlands Police, Wolverhampton City Council and support charity P3.

One thing is certain, although there are many services available to those struggling in the city, MORE can be done.  This can range from making donations to the local charities, or indeed pointing people struggling in the directon of the right services for them.

When speaking to the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd, it became clear that donations (of food especially) are in high demand as they can serve upto seven and a half thousand people a month.

Brother Steven wants to bring to light the issue to those in the community who might not be aware:

"I think if some of them would come and spend just one day with some of us and see the kind of things we see, they would have a very different opinion.  Many of those in difficulty need help, need support, and they're struggling to get by.  The thing is, it could be me."

Speaking to people who use the services, it became clear to Signal107 that a lot of them led very 'normal' lives before something such as loss of property or relatives knocked them off the track- proving we never know what could be around the corner.

That's why local charities are in need of help.

Both St George's HUB and The Haven have recently lost government funding and are having to raise a lot of funds and supplies themselves.  Hayley from The Haven said:

"We've got a charity shop in the town that can accept any used items, toys, clothes, books, anything like that.  The profits from that shop do go directly to the service users, so that does feed the work that we do.  We do have appeals throughout the year, like the Christmas Appeal that we've just had for example, so do look out for those."

This is an issue that won't go away by itself, and it could happen to anyone.

As well as raising awareness to the community of local charities that need help, it's important to point out the services to anyone who may be struggling and doesn't know where to turn.

On our 'Help the Homeless' page you will see a list of services and charities we've spoken to in the city and their contact details for anyone who want's a helping hand.

If you missed the final one of our New Specials, you can listen to it again below.


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