Kick It Out: More from Colleen and Steve

Day 4 of Kick It Out sees us continue our conversation between domestic abuse victims Colleen and Steve (part 1 is here) with a frank admission by Colleen about what would have happened to her if she had stayed in her abusing relationship:

“I would have been dead,” insists Colleen.

“My abuse stopped 12 years ago… I ran away,” she continued.  “I turned to alcohol and drugs and I knew that I couldn’t live like that anymore.  I’m not making excuses… but it eased the pain.  I didn’t want to live any longer; I wasn’t bothered.  I ended up putting myself on the railway track because I couldn’t live anymore.

“I decided that I could sink or swim, and sort my life out.”

“I was stabbed [in the throat after a drunken domestic] by a partner,” says Steve.  “I’ve been domestically abused.  You confidence is eroded, your self-esteem.”

You can find useful links on domestic violence here, and can listen to the full piece on our media player below.  Underneath that is the full 41 minute conversation between Colleen and Steve with more revelations about their lives and the World Cup.