Kick It Out: The stats behind sporting events and domestic violence

The Home Office says reported incidents of domestic violence rose by as much as 30% on the days that England played in the 2006 tournament, but says there isn't necessarily a direct link – instead it says perpetrators have to take responsibility, though the combination of more drinking and high emotions doesn't help.

An investigation by Durham University says there were 350 incidents reported to Greater Manchester Police on the day England were beaten by Germany in 2010 - that's 15% up on the same day the previous year.

A campaign was run to coincide with the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa - show Domestic Violence the Red Card was supported by football clubs, police and local authorities to raise awareness about violence fuelled by more drinking.

Lisa co-runs the Billy Wright pub in Wolverhampton which is showing the World Cup matches and has longer opening hours because of the England games being shown late at night – she’s ready for the agony and ecstasy which fans are set to show.

“Winning is a good thing – they’re usually jolly.  Losing… that’s when the grumpy mode sets in,” she says.  “You can see their body language as soon as they walk in the door.  We just say ‘I’m really sorry but I think you’ve had a few too many, we’re not going to serve you today.’”

DCI Damien Pettit from West Mercia Police says they've been taking steps to stop incidents before they happen.

“We will engage with victims once we’re aware of a domestic abuse risk,” insists DCI Pettit.  “[There are] also measures like domestic violence protection notices which can exclude the householder for the address for up to 28 days.”

Signal 107 had the opportunity to speak to Claire, who agreed to talk to us at West Mercia Women’s Aid.  She was in an abusive relationship for three years, and revealed when it began.

“It started when I got pregnant with my first child… and it got more frequent throughout the relationship.  I was isolated not just from my friends but from my family too – I thought there was nobody out there that could help me.”

There will be more from DCI Pettit and Claire later this week. 

You can listen to the first day of Signal 107’s Kick It Out specials by listening below - you can also see links to organisations that can help by clicking here.

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