Changes to parking in Shropshire beauty spots

Concerns have been raised about unsafe and on-street parking

Following concerns about the recent amount of and – and upsurge in – on-street parking by visitors to Carding Mill Valley, and the ensuing public safety issues caused, Shropshire Council has introduced a ‘prohibition of parking’ on Shrewsbury Road and Churchill Road in Church Stretton.

The temporary traffic order will be effective on:

  • Shrewsbury Road between the school and Lutwyche Road.
  • On the north side of Churchill Road, from its junction with Shrewsbury Road to its junction with The Paddock.
  • On the south side of Churchill Road, around its junctions with Kennedy Close and Chartwell Close.
  • The temporary traffic order can be identified on site by the presence of enforceable ‘no waiting’ cones.

Residents who park on Churchill Road are asked to ensure that they adhere to the new restrictions by parking on the south side only.

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