West Midlands Trains issues public apology for poor performance

The new managing director of West Midlands Trains has released a public apology - promising some big improvements.

It comes after the firm was given a stay of execution from the region's mayor, Andy Street, who had threatened to ask the government to strip it of its franchise if its performance didn't improve by the end of January.

In an open letter to the public, Julian Edwards outlined five key steps to putting things rights, which include hiring more than 80 new staff, simplifying timetables, improve the way they maintain their trains, improving the way in which the company responds to delays, and working with Network Rail to increase line speeds at New Street.

He wrote: "Simply put, our service has been nowhere near good enough. We have been letting you down – and we’re truly sorry. We know things have to change."

But he insisted the company had "gotten to the root of what went wrong".

West Midlands Railway is operated alongside London Northwestern Railway by parent company West Midlands Trains, which took over from London Midland just over two years ago.

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