Wolverhampton man jailed for fatal knife attack

A man who stabbed an ex-soldier to death when a drug-fuelled house party turned violent has been jailed for 12 years.

Troy Ktori left Charles McInally with a fatal neck wound just hours after the former Signal Regiment officer invited him, Matthew Roper and Crystal Jeffries to his Edgbaston home after a chance meeting in Smethwick’s Seven Stars pub on 7 August last year.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how the atmosphere turned sour shortly after the group took cocaine at the house in Brewers Square.

Ktori, from Shenstone Road in Edgbaston, boasted of being a martial arts champion and left Mr McInally’s housemate with a bloodied nose and chipped tooth during a ‘play fight’ 

A scuffle erupted that resulted in the 27-year-old storming out – but he returned 90 minutes later with a knife hidden in the waistband of his jeans.

Ktori lunged at the 31-year-old housemate when he answered the door – leaving him with a cut hand – and chased him through the house before stabbing Mr McInally in the throat. 

Police and paramedics found him in a pool of blood curled up on a settee; he was pronounced dead at the scene.

He went on the run with Roper and Jeffries and spent several days living in a tent in the Worcestershire countryside.

Four days later officers arrested all three outside Ledbury police station where they had gathered with the intention of handing themselves in.

Roper (25) and 30-year-old Jeffries – also from Shenstone Road – admitted assisting an offender but Wolverhampton-born Ktori claimed he acted in self-defence.

However, the judge concluded Mr McInally was unarmed at the time he was attacked, while forensics experts proved that charred clothing uncovered in Ktori’s back garden was from a top he wore on the night.

Ktori was found not guilty of murder but convicted of manslaughter – and at Birmingham Crown Court today (Feb 18) was jailed for a total of 12 years and will be bound by an extended five-year licence period upon his eventual release.

Roper was jailed for 20 months but Jeffries’ 20-month prison term was suspended for two years. 

Sergeant Ian Wilkins from West Midlands Police’s Homicide Team, said: “Mr McInally (pictured) was unfortunate to have a chance encounter with the three defendants on that afternoon…and just hours later he was dead.

A post mortem showed he died from a single stab wound to the neck…there were no injuries consistent with him trying to defend himself against the knife.

“Ktori spent the weekend at a friend’s house before catching a taxi with Jeffries and Roper to remote countryside in Bromsgrove. They bought camping equipment and other provisions, evading capture for several days prior to their arrest. 

Despite the evidence against him the jury found him not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter and the unlawful killing of Charles McInally.

Mr McInally’s family would like to say that they are understandably devastated by the untimely death of their son and brother. Although disappointed by the verdict of the court they now have a degree of closure.

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