Alan Nicklin

What is your full name? Alan D. Nicklin

When is your birthday? September 1st

 Where did you grow up? Solihull

 What's your favorite alcoholic drink? Budweiser

 What was the worst job you ever had? Head of photocopying. Sitting by the machine all day watching it copy documents and loading new paper as it ran out. Had i have been any good at writing songs, i could have written loads doing that job...so boring!

 Name the first record you bought. Clout-Substitute in 1978. Still a great song!

 Name one or more of your favorite records. I could write 10 pages on this question, but here are a few in no particular order...Bob Seger-Mainstreet, Joshua Kadison-Jessie, Soul Asylum-Runaway train, Bruce Springsteen-Born to run, Creedence Clearwater Revival-Proud Mary, America-Sister golden hair, Steve Miller-Abracadbra, loads of Beatles & Four Seasons songs as well.

 What song would you have played at your funeral? Bob Seger-The famous final scene

 What's your favorite film? Any of the James Bond movies

 What annoys you more than anything? Queues in shops

 Describe how you looked in 1990. Thinner, with a moustache & more hair

 What's your favorite food? Traditional Beef roast

 What food do you dislike? Tomatoes...or to be more accurate, they don't like me

 What was the best Christmas present you ever had? A Hi-Fi stero unit. Had hours of fun with that. Don't think the neighbours felt the same way though!

 Where is your favorite place in the world? San Diego. Great weather & beaches & fairly close to Los Angeles.

 Most embarrassing moment in radio…..? Forgetting the stations phone number at the end of a traffic report, so i read out the number written on a bit of paper someone had left on the desk in the studio. I later found out the number i read out belonged to a dating agency.

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