Sara Hartill

What is your full name? 

Sara Emma Hartill-Winkle (very embarrassing)

When is your birthday? 


Where did you grow up? 


What's your favorite alcoholic drink? 

Pimms!!!!! Drink of the summer

What magazines do you buy? 

Empire, Cosmo

What was the worst job you ever had? 

Dough ball maker in a Pork Pie Factory.

Name the first record you bought. 

S Club 7 or Boyzone, I can't quite remember!

What's your favourite song? 

John Legend "All of Me", but it changes every week!

What's your favourite film? 

The Notbook, closely followed by Forest Gump, and Saving Mr. Banks...there's just too many to mention!

What's the worst thing about you? 

I can be very forgetful and just get lost in my own little lala world.

What's the best thing about you? 

According to my year book, it's my bum (proud recipient of the Rear Of The Year Award), but I would like to think it's something less superficial so I'm going to say being a genuine person and always looking out for my friends and family

What annoys you more than anything? 

Rude People and the alarm clock

What food do you dislike? 

White bait - anything served with eyes still intact is just weird in my opinion.

What was the best Christmas present you ever had? 

My camera, i've been able to capture so many incredible memories with it

Where is your favourite place in the world? 

Bahamas - I can just totally relax there and I'm a complete water baby so I love being able to go diving / swimming / wakeboarding .

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? A house on the beach that I could escape to in our horrible British winters!

Most embarrassing moment in radio? There's so many that I think I'm now immune to embarrassment, but when anything technical goes wrong or you say something that didn't sound as good as it did in your head..that's stressful!


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