RAF Museum Cosford

Terms and Conditions

The 4D experience is a cinema style theatre that may include sudden motion, water sprays, air bursts, bubbles, low smoke and aroma. You should not experience the attraction if you suffer from any disorder or condition that may be affected by an attraction such as this.

Such conditions are typically, but not limited to:

Epilepsy Weakness or suffering of back pains
Weakness or suffering of neck pains
Tendency to suffer from motion sickness
Weak heart or fitted with a pacemaker
Any other chronic illness
Children under the age of 6 are advised to be accompanied by an adult.

Competition opens 15th Oct 2018 at 00:00 and closes 23:59pm on Sunday 28th Oct 2018.

Winners will be drawn by random on Monday 29th at 8am.

Prize 5 x family passes. Signal 107 will issue winners letter with details of how to claim the prize.

Cover art for Diamonds

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Linden Wade playing Rihanna - Diamonds